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Three Brothers
Discount Building Centre
4 Morrin Road, Panmure

Phone: (09) 570 2070
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Trellis & Oriental Screens are priced on a square metre price. Being a manufacturer and not just a reseller we are able to make to your sizes and shapes. This proves to be cheaper for our clients because standard sizes increases in height and width in 300 or one foot increments. This often means people must buy more than they need (waste) and have to cut it off. Priced on a square metre basis you only have to pay for what you need and there is no waste to cut off and it will fit the gap you are filling.

Trellis, Oriental Screens and Fence Panels can be framed or unframed and we are able to make matching gates both pedestrian and driveway.

TFGM are also able to manufacture to match existing Trellis or Fence work or we can manufacture from photos or drawings. Quotes are available by phoning 0800-000-TRELLIS (873) or you are able to calculate costs from the pricelist.
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